C++ include SQLite

1. Navigate to https://www.sqlite.org/download.html and download latest `amalgamation` source version of SQLite.
2. Extract all the files into your project directory, or your include path, or separate path that you will add/added as include path in your project properties.
3. Run `Developer Command Prompt for VS ****` which is usually available at `Start -> Programs -> Visual Studio **** -> Visual Studio Tools`.
4. Navigate with command prompt to that directory where we extracted our SQLite.
5. Run next command to compile: `cl /c /EHsc sqlite3.c`
6. Run next command to create static library: `lib sqlite3.obj`
7. Open properties of your project and add `sqlite3.lib` to `Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies`.
Now you ready to include and use `sqlite3.h` in your project.